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tuition fee 2019 (Price in USA $)

All the prices include tax..

General Course |200 HOURS |10 WEEK

  Four terms
(40 weeks) about 1 year course
Three terms
(30 weeks)9 month
Two terms
(20 weeks) 6 month
One term
(10 weeks) 3 month
Registration 10$ 10$ 10$ 10$
Tuition 3600$ 2800 1900 1000
Total 3610$ 2810$ 1910$ 1010$
  • Materials & DLS (Digital Learning System) fee includes JCCJ original digital learning materials, commercial printed books and various handouts as well as usage of custom developed software and services.
  • The cost required for extracurricular activities such as transportation and admission fees are paid by students on site.
Rental iPad *optional
  Four terms
(1 year)
Three terms
(9 months)
Two terms
(6 months)
One term
(3 months)
Rental fee 500$ 350$ 200$ 120$
  • All General Course students are required to use an iPad for their lessons. A rental iPad with mobile connection is available for a fee as listed above. If you wish to use your own iPad, it must be iPad Air 2 (2016) or later, 9.7" and above. The iPad mini is too small for viewing course materials. The storage of 32GB and above is recommended. Be advised, some Wifi+Cellular iPads purchased outside of Jordan may not work with the Jordan mobile networks.
  • A rental iPad with mobile connection for temporary use is available for 5 $ per day.
Optional Electives
8 times x 2 lessons/day 160$
16 times x 2 lessons/day 300$
  • It is basically required to be currently enrolled in JCCJ's course to take optional electives. If you wish to take electives alone, please consult with our staff.

Weekly Conversation Course


The early bird discount is applicable only when the booking is completed 3 months prior to the session (level) start date.

  Weekly Conversation Course
15 times per week
Weekly Conversation Course
20 times per week
Registration 10$ 10$
(per week)
75$ 95$
  • The Weekly Conversation Course 20 is the Weekly Conversation Course 15 coupled with one additional reading & writing lesson every day.
  • The materials fee of level 6 is 35 $ and level 7 is 20 or 40 $.
  • If you bring your own tablet, you can download not only JCCJs digital materials, but also an extensive library of ebooks including grammar resources, usable for up to two years. Those without a tablet can use an iPad from the school (limited availability), but won't be able to take the contents home.
  • Each session (level) of the Weekly Conversation Course of level 1 to level 5 completes in 4 weeks while level 6 and 7 have 16 weeks.

Summer Grammar & Conversation Course 2019 (Total 80Hours)

Regular Price for one course.
  Jul. (Jul 8 to Aug. 2) August (Aug. 5 to Aug. 23) Full( Jul. 8 to Aug. 23)
Fee 400$ 400$ 750$
  • Please bring a tablet PC (iOS7 or later and Safari7 or later, or Android4.1 or later and GoogleChrome31 or later). It's possible to download and use not only the textbooks but also other Arabic language educational materials during the course. In case you don't have one, we may let you rent a school iPad or use printed materials in class, however, please be aware that the number of iPad for rent is limited.

Summer Program (Beginner level only)

Variety of activities related to Arabic culture, sighseeing in jordan, and gourmet will be held during the program. Please refer to "Summer Activities" for detail.

Course Length Package Price
2week Program....40 lesson
(10days )
3week Program...60 lesson
(15 days )

The package price includes:

  1. 10 days or 15 days of lessons with printed and digital materials.
  2. Transfer from to Amman airport

Our Junior Group Program (Customizable)

  • JCCJ DLS (Digital Learning System) Charge includes the rental fee of an iPad Air2 with mobile connection as well as usage of online learning platform and digital learning material. All the General Course students are required to use it for their lessons regardless of possession of their own personal tablets and/or PCs.
  • Course Length Package Price
    2 weeks (10 days /50 lessons, ) 250$

    Basic Business Arabic Class 16

    16 times 8 times
    Non JCCJ students 180 96
    JCCJ students 150 80

    One to One Course(Private)

    Registration Fee: 10 $

    Class time Number of students Tuition per one hour
    9:00 am- 18:00 1 15$
    2 10$
    18:00 - 21:30 1 16$
    2 10$
    Saturdays, Friday
    and public holidays
    - 20% of the tuition
    • The tuition is fee per hour. The registration fee is fee per person.
    • It is basically required to be currently enrolled in our course to take optional electives. If you wish to take electives alone, please consult with our staff.
    • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
    • The General Course students are required to buy the necessary material at school on the first day of the course, however the level 1 material are sold on the fifth day.